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  • Company History

    UltraPreQualifiedTM is a trademark of Ghost Hour .

  • Our Capability

    Customers ready to buy in your doors when you schedule them.

  • In Touch with the World

    We've already reached out and touched someone just for you.

  • Buying Decisions

    Mobile buyers search through us and we deliver them.

Ultra Means Above and Beyond

UltraPreQualifiedTM is about customers that are above and beyond. They come in all shapes and sizes but what makes them great is the perfect match between your products and services and their willingness to pay you for them. An UltraPreQualifiedTM customers is a perfect match.

The best conceivable value in advertising is willing buyers in your doors at precisely the time you want them. Ghost Hour's proposition is simple. Tell the ghost machine when you want your customers and what qualifications you want them to have. If you are not completely satisfied, pay nothing. Go ahead. Pinch yourself. This is not a dream.

The ghost machine is designed to accomodate the needs of 380 million mobile shoppers who have good reason to both download and tell their friends to download the app. For one thing, it is the only way they can avoid annoying advertisements. Mobile advertising and commerce have been on a collision course with actual user habits and it hasn't worked. The ghost machine is taking the lead in mobile shopping search through Ghost Hour. To the end user it is like a refuge from bad apps. It's a healing ointment to their smart phone, pitifully sick with junk mail and endless and disruptive notifications. The ghost machine is the answer. It brings better value to the advertiser. It brings better value to the consumer. It brings better value to the mobile device, ridding it of the malware like programs that come preinstalled that have been beseiging it.

Ghost Hour

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